Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Actors Obsession

All actors/actresses are obsessed with hiding who they really are.
That is what acting is. Steven Thompson has figured out a way to maintain their privacy yet capture glimpses of the true person.

it's called:       bookstevebijou.blogspot.com
created by:     Mr Steven Thompson

I'll try to describe his site. it's not just any old blog. Every time I click on a different post, he brings in a different medium. The window below shows Newspaper clipings. Not just any old clipings. Someone (I guess it's him) spent a lifetime carefully cutting out rare news articles about all the tv stars I've ever heard of. These are real articles. The stories within these articles are breath-taking. These are the real lives of are favorite stars.

Their real lives are always more thrilling than the movies they play in. This always was. The characters that all actors play, pale in comparison to the actor himself.
And the greatest mystery of all, can we ever really know the actor - or is it yet another performance.

      Well, bookstevebijou.blogspot.com is probably as close as we'll ever get.
      Mr Steven Thompson has spent un-told hours trying to peel back
      the curtain BEFORE the actor has finished putting on The persona.
      Leaving him half masked, half exposed.

The downside of having the GYB-monster as my best friend is that, He sort of does whatever he wants.

He's not totally uncontrollable, but he has his moments.
I can't get him to turn the television off, He likes to watch the Brady Bunch. Hey, perhaps if I right a blog about tv shows from the 70's he will get distracted and i can turn it off. Let's give that a try.

Well when I think of tv shows from the 70's, one that is high on the list is The Brady Bunch. Even GYB-M likes this one.
So I found a blog that is truly devoted to the Brady family.

      that blog is: veryBradyblog.blogspot.com
      created by: Mr Johnny Dimsdale

This site is sooo wonderful. full of pics and videos from his personal collection. no kidding he owns footage that is available no where else. 

How did he do That ??
He's not telling and I don't blame him. I'm just glad he is sharing it with me and GYB-M. 

Actually GYB-M prefers to be called a creature, instead of a monster.   Sorry GYB-C.     Anyway, back to The Brady Bunch.

The stars are:       Mike brady (father) - Robert Reed
            Carol Brady (mother) - Florence Henderson
            Alice Nelson (co-star) - Ann B. Davis
            Greg Brady (oldest son) - Barry Williams
            Marcia Brady (oldest daughter) - Maureen McCormick
            Peter Brady (middle son) - Christopher Knight
            Jan Brady (middle daughter) - Eve Plumb
            Bobby Brady (youngest son) - Mike Lookinland
            Cindy Brady (youngest daughter) - Susan Olsen

please visit veryBradyblog.blogspot.com and be prepared for endless entertainment, fun facts and superior pics and video.

**special note: The Brady Bunch is not the only sitcom on his site. there are
     many, many others e.g. The Love Boat, Mannix, on and on...

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