Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Timeless Literature

Like all the other monsters out there, the GimmeYourBlog monster is not very well cultured.
But we BOTH love SparkNotes.com (created by SparkNotes LLC) - great site. Even the GYBM
occasionally enjoys fine literature. Here's a sample. This sample refers to the the classic
Lord of the Flies - I really love this one. Not only do they provide a chapter by chapter review,
but also chapter analysis by their professional editors AND user/member comments - WOW
This is Great. As we all know, Lord of the Flies is about a group of boarding school kids
who get stranded on an island. The society they attempt to create deteriorates into
savagery and ritual sacrifice. If that perks your interest - head on over to SparkNotes.com
to get the full commentary that this classic deserves. Be sure to checkout their MindHut - its fantastic !!

Website: SparkNotes.com
Owner: SparkNotes LLC

Few things bring (GYB) as much joy as a ugly house.

This time we visit a site named: uglyhousephotos.com
owner: John Hall

uglyhousephotos.com is a site that features the best of the worst.
It's a different and out of the ordinary blog. And also has a huge amount
of photos of real houses. The great thing is that no photoshop touch-ups were needed.
A real time saver.

So if you want a good laugh OR decorating tips, please visit uglyhousephotos.com
created by John Hall (thanks for the sweet memories ).