Monday, July 29, 2013

Best Websites 2013

Like all the other monsters, the GimmeYourBlog-monster gets a little "out of control" when he sees a great website.   Let's just say, he has "issues".
This year out of all the great web pages out there. Our creature-friends love 2 of them more than the rest.

These are:
                                  created by Morgan Rose

and                                 created by Stevan Zivadinovic

you gotta see em to believe em     !!! 

 Originality:    Developing a great web page invovles thinking up a new multimedia concept
                     that ties all of the components together.  This is not easy.

Technical Skill:
After talking it over with the the Fab Five (WolfGuy, The Count , Frankster, 50 foot woman, GYB) we all agree that DHTML Design is difficult,  fluent HTML is not enough.  These days we have to know
 several programming languaegs (flash, javascript, xml...).   These Developers are some of the best !!

A  Strong  Stomach:  there is always the chance that all of your hard work will go TOTALLY UN-noticed.  This is common, but not easy to accept.  For a person to put forth the effort without knowing if it will be successful,  is quite daring.

Please visit and to get the full visualization of these sites. But, Beware, these sites are horribly magnificient.
screaming  or  running away won't help , just remain calm.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Classic Cinema review blogs of Classic Movies and Actors

So let's start with a Great movie review site:
owner: Mr. Micheal.

Intelligent, passionate, reviews of cinema.  I see him as the night watchman of classic american culture. Please visit his site and maybe even become
a member of the Movie Palace ! below is a post from his site.

Well, you can't have movies without actors. our next site is:
owner: Mrs. HarlowGold.

her site has a sort of motion to it, yet nothing moves. She is like a curator of quiet moments. When I visit her site i feel like the actors are about to move - but they never do. I can't describe it - i just love this site. Maybe its.... who knows, just go there for yourself - maybe you can describe it. Please visit her site and maybe even become
a member of the HarlowGold ! below is a post from his site.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ancestry - where I come from ...

Do you know where you come from ?    Wilma Campos does !
This time we visit a site named: The Ancestors of Wilma Campos
owner: Mrs. Wilma Campos

Time is one of the most valuable things we have. For someone to use thier precious time documenting the lives of thier ancestors, They just don't make people like this any more. We can all learn a great deal from Mrs. Wilma Campos, bravo.
below is a post from her site.

Well, our next site is:
owner: ?? The free community

this is one of my secret get-aways. And EVERY TIME i visit this site, i play my favorite of all time. Theme from Room 222 ( a tv series from the e-a-r-l-y 70's) and i mean early. Here is the kicker, they have themes from hundreds of tv shows !!! the patty duke show, golden girls, the six million dollar man....
( i really tried to stream a song from thier site - for you to enjoy. until i figure out
how - "truck on over" to - give yourself a treat.)