Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Who is Ken (stickman) ?

Some sites are just fun.  There is a website called   www.sticksite.com .    It's gonna be tough to explain this one, but it's wirth it;

Website:   www.sticksite.com
Owner:     Mr Ken (StickMan) and his Family

Before I go into what the site is about, I regretfully have to inform us that the site is being managed by his loving sister because Mr. Ken (StickMan) passed away.

As a visitor to their site, obviously they never new me personally.  But when someone puts that much caring into their site,  it's hard not to feel like they are  my friends. All of us will eventually pass away.   So I don't think there is any reason to shy away from admiring the website that he and his family spent (and continue to spend) so much time taking care of. I will try to Email  administrators of his site, If they would rather keep the site as "stand alone",
without external links to it, of course I will remove this post immediately.

Mr Ken (StickMan)  is a hobby-ist who turned wood (sticks as he jokingly called them) into USEFUL artistic items.
What do I mean ??  well, how about  walking canes, picture frames and things of that nature.
His site explains it better than I can.  

Something that really let's me know he's my kind of guy, are the sections he devoted to Senior Citizens
and Disabled people .  The pages for Seniors are soooo funny. When I saw them I said, "GIMME YOUR BLOG !!!" and that's why I'm the GimmeYourBlog-Monster  !!!!   Give a look at his page segment below then head immediately over to his website !!!

Normally I have a second entry in my posts, but this time - I think a song might be more appropriate.  So here is something that  I'm dedicating to Mr. Ken (stickman) AND his kind Sister  - hope you like it
it's Dr Hook  -  Better Love