Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Classic Cinema review blogs of Classic Movies and Actors

So let's start with a Great movie review site:
owner: Mr. Micheal.

Intelligent, passionate, reviews of cinema.  I see him as the night watchman of classic american culture. Please visit his site and maybe even become
a member of the Movie Palace ! below is a post from his site.

Well, you can't have movies without actors. our next site is:
owner: Mrs. HarlowGold.

her site has a sort of motion to it, yet nothing moves. She is like a curator of quiet moments. When I visit her site i feel like the actors are about to move - but they never do. I can't describe it - i just love this site. Maybe its.... who knows, just go there for yourself - maybe you can describe it. Please visit her site and maybe even become
a member of the HarlowGold ! below is a post from his site.

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